President’s Letter – April 15, 2019

President’s Letter – April 15, 2019

Bill Alexander got the meeting started with our Flag Salute, which was followed by Bill Dutton leading us in the Invocation.  In honor of our speaker, we played the famous Eagles song Hotel California and many in the room reminisced of when they first heard this song while belting out the lyrics.  Joining us were three visiting Rotarians: Compton, Wade and Chris who enjoyed meeting many new friends throughout the afternoon.  Hopefully we will see them again as new members to our club.

District Grant
Don Jack announced that our club was successful in obtaining a $3,000 matching District Grant.  Our club will need to raise $3,000, to be combined with the matching grant for a total of $6,000 with the funds used for assisting with literacy in Guatemala.  Don offered to match the club contributions up to $1,500 and we spontaneously raised $1,100 from attending members.  We hope to raise the remaining $400 at a future meeting and look forward to sending our Guatemala volunteers down with more resources on their next visit!

Fireside Chat
Michael Baker did the honors of interviewing one of our newer members Margo Bryne who is the recently appointed Executive Director of the Channel Islands YMCA taking over for Sal Cisneros.  After spending eight years at the Ventura Rotary Club, she joined our club this past year.  We learned that Margo was a college basketball player at Missouri and she married a former NFL player.  It is not hard to imagine Margo running the YMCA’s with all of that athletic ability and enthusiasm.  Margo has two grown children with very interesting careers.  Her daughter makes contact lenses for the movie industry and her son is a singer on a cruise ship.  Maybe we can ask Margo’s daughter to help us with zombie eyes next Halloween and her son can become our next Justin Timberlake of the Rotary song.  After learning more about what goes into a normal day of running a large nonprofit Margo showed us some new sign language skills as we danced to the Village People song “YMCA”.  Thank you Michael for leading the interview and thank you Margo for sharing your values and experiences with us.

Speaker Presentation
Our speaker today was David Bolton who is the Director of California Missions.  He provided a wonderful history lesson of the Alta California Missions beginning hundreds of years ago with the European and Middle Eastern migration of the Moors into the Iberian Peninsula.  He described the Spanish migration into the America’s and how they interacted with the natives while developing the land.  They also developed many Missions and Presidios over hundreds of years in the vast area of what was known as Alta California.  David shared some of his favorite Missions with us with the last one being built in Sonoma in 1823.  It was sad to hear that most of the Missions in Baja California have fallen into disrepair but nice to know that the all of the historical buildings in California have been rebuilt and are well maintained for our viewing pleasure.  Thank you David for a very informative lecture and for being a good steward of the California Missions.

San Marcos Madrigals
Please arrive no later than noon for this week’s meeting on 4/19.  The performance will begin at noon and we will eat afterwards. This promises to be a very enjoyable experience so bring a guest if you like.


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