Funding Sources

The Foundation receives its funds from a number of sources

Club Members

  • Donate to the foundation quarterly by pledging monies through the Big Wheel
  • Make periodic additional donations through their own generosity or by participating in auctions or events.
  • Remember the foundation in their estate plans.

The Club Investment Fund

  • Was established by club members and continues to be supported by club members
  • Provides 5% of its three year average value that is used for annual granting.

Other Foundations

  • Donate money to our foundation to administer local grants for selected programs.
  • Appreciate that the club foundation may match their funds, does not have any overhead, and is composed of board members who are well connected in the community and can evaluate where donations have the greatest impact.

Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Circle Of Giving

The Circle of Giving recognizes club members who have decided to make generous donations either currently or postmortem over and above their quarterly Big Wheel gifts. Donations can be unrestricted or can be specified as an endowment with proper board approval.

Giving above the Big Wheel quarterly gifts was started in 1983 with a generous gift from Emil “Chief” Boessneck. In 1985 a second generous gift was received from Violet A. Singleton. Since then others have each donated more than $1,000 to the foundation to become “Life Members”. Earnings from these funds are used for the local needs of our local community.

Club members are recognized for their cumulative current giving at the following levels:

  • Silver Member $50 to $350
  • Gold Member $351 to $675
  • Platinum Member $676 to $999
  • Life Member $1,000 to $5,000
  • Gold Life Member $5,001 to $9,999
  • Platinum Life Member $10,000 and above

Those members remembering the Santa Barbara Rotary Charitable Foundation in their wills and trusts become members of The Rotary Foundation Legacy Society. Once the future bequest is received, a member is recognized at the levels indicated above.

Rotary Club members can also leave donations in another person’s name or in memorial for another person.