Apply For A Grant

Charitable organizations which are 501(c)3 entities may seek a grant by filling out the Common Grant Application by clicking the Common Grant Application link below. Please note, to be considered for a grant, the request must be submitted via this application.

Common Grant Application

Applications will be reviewed once this year and must be received by March 15, 2021. The Foundation this year is focusing its charitable giving on children 17 years and younger with disabilities, medical, dental and vision needs.

Generally speaking, no single organization will be awarded more than $5,000 per year. Applicants shall indicate in their latest request the date and amount of their last award from this Foundation.

One fully completed copy of the Common Grant Application is sufficient and should be mailed to:The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara
P.O. Box 6268
Santa Barbara, CA 93160
Attention: Foundation Grants Chair

For more information contact

Common Grant Application