Meeting in Review – September 11, 2015

Meeting in Review – September 11, 2015

Rotary Meeting – September 11, 2015
Welcome to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara
Sergeant at Arms: Steve Petersen
Invocation: Peter Buehler
SONG: God Bless America led by Paul Zink
Pledge: David Gibbs

Visiting Rotarians

1. District Governor Jim Bell from Bakersfield
2. District Governor Elect Nick Frankle from Simi Sunrise
3. District Governor Nominee John Weiss from Westlake Village Sunrise
4. Deepa Willingham from Santa Ynez.  Who just had an ankle replacement and as usual does not let it slow her down.
5. Assistant Governor for Region 8 of District 5240 David Velarde from Santa Barbara Sunrise Club.
6. Bob Breakman from Ventura South
7. Heather Frankle from Simi Sunrise

1. Sandy White of Westmont College introduced by Bob Fatch.  Sandy’s daughter was a Rotary Scolar!

1. Kathleen announced the Group 8 Event at the Polo Grounds Sunday September 13. 12:00 PM.  If you didn’t sign-up and pay don’t come you missed the deadline and the event is full.

President Kathleen Blake and Kirk Green at the Rotary Polo Event.

2. Jenna Driscoll our Rotaract Rep. asked that the upcoming Heart walk be announced again. Please consider donating to the Rotaract group at this link.  It is also posted in the HUB.  There is still time to donate.
3. Also the Rotaract Golf Event on the 18-19 is at the SB Courthouse.  Go on Saturday and play for $5 donation for the SB Courthouse Foundation
4. The club Picnic is coming up soon.  Make plans to attend on September 18 and bring your family and friends for a nominal fee of $10 for those over 12.  Club members no extra fee, just regular lunch cost.  Please sign up now.
5. District 5240 Conference in Bakersfield.  I have signed up.  Have you?  Y’all come!  Kathleen showed a video of DG Jim Bell inviting us all to Bakersfield.
6. Chris Clemens on the road said, “I am amazed at the number of Rotary symbols I’ve been seeing while on the road.  City parks, community centers, and welcome signs are adorned with the Rotary Wheel.  This Rotary billboard was painted on the side of a building in downtown Spokane…I was thinking we should commission Paul Musgrove to do one in Santa Barbara! (Of course, I’m sure the City of Santa Barbara may disagree…).”
7. Paul Didier announce the upcoming Day of Caring on September 19th.
8. Steve and Linda Peterson had a tie vote from club members last week and let his daughter pick the winning name for their dog.  The name is “Lucky”.  That seems appropriate as the dog is a rescue dog.
9. Social Hour will be at Crocodile.

1. Bob Fatch went to UW to watch his team.  Chris followed with a great picture under the UW stadium sign with his own Alma Mater flag from Ball State University

2. Dick Meyers volunteered a fine in honor of his and Yakko’s 50th wedding anniversary.  They will be honored by their daughter with her new dedicated CD (she is an accomplished violinist) to be released on the date of her parent’s 50 anniversary.

1. Steve Baker and Peter Buehler were each awarded their first Paul Harris award.  Congratulations to Steve and Peter.
2. Kathleen showed a list of 10 club community and international activities that are part of our club’s service to the local and international communities.


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