Meeting in Review – June 5, 2015

Meeting in Review – June 5, 2015

The June 5, 2015 meeting of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara began with the ringing of the bell, with David Starr leading the invocation, followed by Charlie Mitchell leading the Pledge, and Paul Zink leading us in “Take Me Home [Country Roads]”.

MEMBERS INTRODUCE GUESTS:  Jack Lin Juanita Hernandez, Michael Baker – Jim Crook,  Kathy Scroggs – Lucia, Charly and Will (RYLA students), Steve Petersen – Carlos Cortez, Boy Scouts of America, LeRoy Hunt – Norm Anderson, Barbara Anderson, their daughter Allison Heiduk, and Sherry, his wife of 50 years, Wes St. Clair- Pam Lopker, speaker, founder of QAD, John Doordan, President of SB Club, his wife, Marsha St. Clair, John Wigle, Financial Services, and Cathy Cash, visiting Rotarian of Montecito.

FINES:  any volunteers?? Paul Musgrove proudly announced his daughter is going to be on the Tony Awards Show.  His goal is to live in her pool house, hahah!  FULL CARD.  JoAnn Mermis was on the cover of Montecito Journal, for her volunteerism with Freedom to Choose. FULL CARD.  Rick Marcellin was happy to announce that his sister got a big promotion:  WHOLE CARD.  George Goodall took a moment to recognize Norm Anderson, aka The Big Cheese, former President and Former DG, as well as inventor of the Big Wheel Card.

YOUTH SERVICES:  At today’s meeting we have some RYLA representatives, who shared briefly about their experience.  Kathy Scroggs shared about her experience as a counselor for the weekend, as well as recruiting and getting students there and back, and a morning yoga class.  Connie Green, who has also been involved with Interact at SBHS, shared that she enjoyed the long weekend as well.  Will shared his experience, how he enjoyed just stepping back and having some time to think about what he’s doing and where he’s going, and how to be a more effective leader, Lucia shared the RYLA Creed, as well as a bit about her experience, cultivating new relationships, diversity training, living without a phone for 4 days (gasp!!).  Charly Monoyer (also our exchange student) shared about his trip as an Exchange Student, who felt very skeptical about going away for a weekend with a bunch of people you don’t know.  Others told him it would be the best weekend of his life, which he didn’t believe…until it was all over, and now he agrees.  Confidence, social and leadership skills were developed, and new, deep relationships were forged.  They all graciously thanked the club for sponsoring their trip to the weekend.

BOOK DRIVE PRESENTATION:  Jack Lin and Michael Gardner presented boxes and boxes of books to Adelante Charter School, gathered in the VERY successful book drive by members. Principal Juanita Hernandez accepted the books with a gracious response about making certain all students achieve in reading, particularly over the summer, so these books will actually go home with the children so they have reading materials during the summer months so as to not lose their reading skills.

HONORARY PAUL HARRIS AWARD:  Laurie Small presented the award to Allison Heiduk for her contribution to education.  While we have many talented educators in our community, Allison stands out because, at Vieja Valley Elementary, she works hard to create community within her classroom.  She is devoted to the three Cs:  community, curriculum, and communication.  Allison uses a variety of strategies to lead her students to success in their education, meeting their own specific learning styles and needs.  Ms. Heiduk graciously received her award and commended our Club in our ability and willingness to be a community which supports education, its educators, and individual students as well.

Rick Marcellin introduced our speaker, Pamela Lopker, Founder, President and Chairman of QAD.  She shared how the business got its start, how Deckers played into it, and some info about what they actually do.  She fielded MANY questions which further provided a glimpse into the things that QAD does, as well as some details into her start, partnerships, and personal philosophies.

The meeting came to a close at 1:30 PM.


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