Meeting in Review – August 28, 2015

Meeting in Review – August 28, 2015

Rotary Meeting – August 21, 2015
Welcome to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara
Sergeant at Arms: Steve Peteren
Invocation: Jo Ann Mermis
SONG: Happy Days are Here Again led by Paul Zink
Pledge: Jennifer LeMert

Visiting Rotarians:
1. Harlan Green, Montecito
2. Jenna Driscoll, Rotaract

1. Melinda Staveley
2. Terri Eddy and her hubby Don Jack, applying for membership
3. Bruce/Sally Hansen
4. Pam Otto, Bob Hansen’s guest
5. Bonnie Henrickson, UCSB Women’s Basketball coach


1. Kathleen announced the Group 8 Event at the Polo Grounds Sunday September 13, 12:00 PM.  $15 for Rotary member $45 per attendee guest for, lunch, drink, wine tasting and polo match viewing. Everyone should be signed up.

2. Rotaract Event at the Courthouse needs sponsorships from each Group 8 Club.  The bags on the tables are for each of you to put in $5 so we can sponsor a miniature golf hole.  If we get more than we need it will go to our Polio Plus commitment.  Thank you all who contributes.  We raised the $125 to sponsor part of a Miniature Golf Hole for the Rotaract Fundraiser for the SB Courthouse and #55 for Polio Plus.


3. Jenna Driscoll our Rotaract Rep. announced the upcoming Heart Walk. Pleas consider donating to the Rotaract group at this link  I did under Jenna’s name.  Jenna also asked our members to save items, even, furniture for a Garage Sale that Rotaract will have as a fundraiser in October.  More information later.

4. Picnic is coming up soon.  Make plans to attend on September 18 and bring your family and friends for a nominal fee of $10 for those over 12.  Club members no extra fee, just regular lunch cost.

5. District 5240 Conference in Bakersfield.  I have signed up.  Have you?  Y’all come!

6. In next month’s Rotarian magazine RI President, Ravi Ravindran, will announce the five worldwide Presidential Conferences taking place in early 2016. The first will be a Peace Conference, January 15-16, 2016 in Ontario, CA. See for more information and to register. Early registration has been extended to October 1st; after that the fee increases by $50 per person.

7. Social Hour is at Mulligans.

8. Next week Social Hour will be at Charlie Mitchell’s Gallery.  Be sure to invite your friends who like art.

Other: Three multiple Paul Harris pins have been presented.  This week we have another recipient of a 3rd Paul Harris pin Steve Petersen.   Congratulations Steve.

1. Robert Dibley and Laurie Small have added to their community recognition by being in the Police Departments new recruiting video.  How do you two get in so many things in the community?  Way to go!
2. Jim Stretchberry was fined for taking his lovely wife Pat on a trip to the Czech Republic, first vacation alone together in 25 years.
3. Jim Stretchberry again, for wearing shorts to Rotary.  My goodness what has the world come to?
4. Dick Salogga volunteered for two fines: one that his wife Dot went to Minnesota and he didn’t have to go and second that his wife is now back.

Frank Williams introduced our speaker Bonnie Hendrickson, UCSB Women’s Basketball coach.
Coach Henrickson told us about her having worked with Athletic Director, John McCutchen, who spoke here at Rotary two weeks ago.  This parlayed into how the many schools in the nation hire new coaches due to relationships in the athletic world.  She then gave us her goal to build a relationship between the school, community, staff and students.  She stated that she has an unbelievable staff that includes an assistant coach who played for UCSB.  The team will sport three new members from California towns.  It happened because of relationships.  As a coach, she  looks for women with talent, who are willing to work hard, sacrifice, and have commitment to the program and their academic growth.  Playing is not everyone’s career and Coach Henrickson wants each student to develop a career they can enjoy throughout their life.   This year the team is a work in progress.  Work will be on getting better and stronger.  Coach noticed early that the women lacked footwork.  She also has them completing 556 shots a day!  She ended with a reminder that players love to play and to play in front of a lot of people.  So come to the games and have fun.

REMINDER:  Social Hour tonight is at Mulligans.  Thank you to our fellow Rotarians from other clubs and guests for spending time with us here at the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara.  We hope you return again.


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