Meeting in Review – August 21, 2015

Meeting in Review – August 21, 2015

Welcome to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara!
Sergeant at Arms:  Bob Fatch
Invocation: Justin Fareed
SONG:  If I had a Hammer led by Paul Zink
Pledge: Michael Gardner

Visiting Rotarians:  None

Rotarians with Guests
1. Bruce & Sally Hansen, introduced by Bob Hansen
2. Pam Otto introduced by Bob Hansen
3. Jeanne Goodall introduced by husband George Goodall
4. Dean Axelrod introduced by Bob Fatch
5. Parm Williams introduced by husband Frank Williams
6. Don McMahon introduced by Pam Galvin
7. Margaret Lazarovits introduced by her father Michael Lazrovits
8. Jim Armstong introduced our speaker, Imam Yama Niazi

1. District Conference will be held in Bakersfield on October 2-4.
2. Kathleen announced the Group 8 Event at the Polo Grounds Sunday September 13, 12:00 PM.  $15 for Rotary member $45 per attendee guest for, lunch, drink, wine tasting and polo match viewing.
3. Baseball with Goleta Rotary.  August 30 Dodgers vs. Cubs.   Bus and reserved seating $65/person.  Contact Kathleen immediately if interested.

Last week LeRoy presented 2 multiple Paul Harris pins.  This week we have another recipient of a 3rd Paul Harris pin Roger Drue.  Congratulations Roger!

1. Tom and Barbara Brashears have been married for 65 or is it 67 years?  He says both are correct.
2. Dick and Larie Smith just celebrated 60 years of marriage
3. Jim Armstrong will now enjoy more of his wife’s company since she is now retired.
4. Paul Didier just fishin with buddy.  Caught one fish.
5. George Goodall was fined for sporting his new look with a moustache.
6. Steve Millard also was fined for his new facial hair a beard and moustache.

Not fined but announced:
1. John Petote was recognized by Michael Baker for his help with fundraising for the United Boys and Girls Club
2. Robert Dibley and Paul Musgrove raced to the meeting on motor scooters.  They agreed Robert won.

Today’s Speaker:  Imam Yama Niazi

REMINDER:  Social Hour tonight is at Berkshire Hathaway, hosted by Wes St. Clair and Jo Ann Mermis. See you there!  Thank you to our fellow Rotarians from other clubs and guests for spending time with us here at the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara.


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