Meeting Notes – June 10, 2016

Meeting Notes – June 10, 2016

WELCOME to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara
SERGEANT AT ARMS:  Steve Petersen
INVOCATION:    Kirk Greene.  Thank you for thanking all those in our country who are willing to stand up and run for office.
PLEDGE:   Steve Baker
SONG:    Zip a Dee Doo-Dah        Leader: Paul Zink

Kirk Greene, Seattle 4
Jenna Driscoll (Rotaract)
Wade Nomura, Past DG, Carpinteria Morning

Ali Bauerline, Inogen-Speaker
Bruce and Sally Hansen, Guests of Bob Hansen
Briel Grivetti, SB High Interact
Ashlie Bissel, SB High Interact

1.    RELAY FOR LIFE, June 11:  Jenna Driscoll, our Rotaract Liason.  Rotaract is gearing up for our participation in Relay for Life on June 11th.
2.    Join in the fun! Polio Bike Ride-Saturday June 18th start about 9AM at Goleta beach.  For more information or to sign up please email or call Michael Self 682-0411 Suggested donation $35.  If you don’t want to ride come and cheer on riders.  You may also donate by sending an email to Michael or to Teresa at
3.    Kathleen invited members to volunteer for writing up some weekly meeting speaker synopsis for the HUB for next year.  Chris and Jim will be developing a schedule so they are not asking for every week for one person, but, to have many people help.
4.    Happy Hour will be Friday, June 3 5:30 PM Crocodile 2819 State Street, SB 805/687-6444 Reservation: Rotary Club of SB [Patio]

FINES:  Dean Axelrod was fined a long side, but, I can’t remember what for today.  Look for it next week.

Wade Nomaura: Read a letter from Briel Grivetti that was written at the end of Briel’s time at the Rotarct Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA).  Wade also told us  some history of RYLA .  Briel’s letter will be printed in the HUB next week.

SPEAKER: Ali Bauerline, Founder of Inogen.  Introduction by Steve Baker.
Another very interesting speaker.  So young and innovative.  Ali was moved to begin a company to develop a light weight portable oxygen machine as she watched how her Grandmother Mae’s life was slowed down by the need of oxygen for her COPD.  Oxygen tanks are heavy and cumbersome. Ali and three friends embarked on a long journey that started while they were still students at UCSB in 2001 with an idea that today is a publically traded stock for the company they founded-Inogen.  She led us on the group’s journey through accessing Angel and Venture capital to getting FDA approval and Medicare accreditation .  Ali recounted how the year 2006-7 almost stopped the business as the team dealt with manufacturing issues, almost having the product “stolen” and remanufactured by their first manufacturer and in-house issues.  Luckily 2008 brought about restructure and a direct consumer strategy. Expansion is now in Texas and is a continued focus.  Ali concluded by telling us that if you’re are a public not private company you must deliver results, create value and be able to communicate. A wonderful small business success story!

Thank you to Ali, Wade, Briel and Ashlie for sharing your time with us todaThe Friday Social Hour for June 3 is at Crocodile 5:30 PM Corner of State and Alamar at the Lemon Tree Inn on the Patio.  Come join the fun!



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