Club Meeting – May 20, 2016

Club Meeting – May 20, 2016

WELCOME to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara
SERGEANT AT ARMS: Steve Petersen
SONG: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing Leader: Paul Zink
PLEDGE: Michael Gardner

Kirk Greene, Seattle 4
Jenna Driscoll (Rotaract)
Alex Jaud of Garmisch – Partenkirchen, Germany

Stacey Lydon, Peter Buehler’s guest, also interested in membership
Gayle Beebe, Speaker, Pres of Westmont
Bruce & Sally Hansen, Bob Hansen’s brother and SIL
Susan Brooks, Steve Brook’s wife

1. GOLF DAY-Fun for all golfing and attending the dinner at Harry’s.
2. Jenna Driscoll announced that Sunday the 22nd will be a day to join Rotaract at the beach at Padaro Lane for beach clean-up and lunch together.
3. RELAY FOR LIFE, June 11: Jenna Driscoll, our Rotaract Liason. Rotaract is gearing up for our participation in Relay for Life on June 11th. Rotaract would love to have Rotary members join our effort. Detailed information and links to donate are provided below. She gave us information about the ways Rotary members can help out:
a. Sign-up for a shift (or more) to walk and sit at the information table/join our team online
b. Donate items for us to raffle off at the event-this will help our team raise money on the day of the event
c. Loan/donate items such as tables, chairs, tablecloths, balloons, easy up tents, lanterns, small generators, etc.
d. Donate to our Team
e. Anyone interested in participating in any way can contact Jenna for more information at
4. Roster and Information update.
5. Committee Interest Information
6. Happy Hour will be at the Crocodile at the lemon Tree Inn at the corner of State and Alamar

1. Paul Zink a long side for his work (architect) on the big new house in Hope Ranch.
2. Adam Johnson (wife Ashley) a whole card for the birth of Ava Grace.
3. Chris Clemens whole card for his many travels in the US and S. America. He brought us banners from several Rotary clubs he attended.

SPEAKER: Gayle Beebe, President of Westmont College. Introduction by Steve Baker. Global Imperative. Dr. Beebe gave us a peek into the workings of the Westmont Global Imperative education program. The program consists of sending students abroad for a semester to have a global expierence. Students must attend the Pre-trip classes and Reentry classes as part of the experience. A goal of the program is to educate students in global awareness and how to read social cues and act appropriately in another culture. Dr. Beebe stated that Americans have been criticized for their lack of global awareness. The Westmont program aims to give their students this awareness so as to be successful entrepreneurs in the global market. Forbes magazine ranked Westmont as the 10th Most Entrepreneurial College in the nation. Congratulations.

Thank you to Gayle for sharing about Westmont’s Global Imperative Program. The Friday Social Hour for May 20 at 5:30 is at the Crocodile, corner of State and Alamar.


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