Club Meeting – June 17, 2016

Club Meeting – June 17, 2016

WELCOME to the most historical Rotary Club in Santa Barbara
SERGEANT AT ARMS:  Steve Petersen
INVOCATION:    David Starr
PLEDGE:   Jennifer LeMert
SONG:    Under the Boardwalk        Leader: Paul Zink

Jenna Driscoll (Rotaract)

Paul LeMert, Jennifer’s brother and today’s speaker

1.    Join in the fun! Polio Bike Ride-Saturday June 18th start about 9AM at Goleta beach.  For more information or to sign up please email or call Michael Self 682-0411 Suggested donation $35.  If you don’t want to ride come and cheer on riders.  You may also donate by sending an email to Michael or to Teresa at
2.    Kathleen invited members to volunteer for writing up some weekly meeting speaker synopsis for the HUB for next year.  Chris and Jim will be developing a schedule so they are not asking for every week for one person, but, to have many people help. Call Jim Stretchberry if you are willing to help.
3.    Pamela Galvin read the names of our May and June Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries.
4.    Happy Hour will be Friday, June 3 5:30 PM Crocodile 2819 State Street, SB 805/687-6444 Reservation: Rotary Club of SB [Patio].  Happy Hour for June 24th will be at Harry’s

Barbara Gaughen-Muller: Announced the Change your Conversations – Change the World Conference

SB Rotary Foundation:  The Foundation has money in an endowment that keeps earning money each year.  The Foundation Board uses 5% of that money each year to give out grants to community projects.  Community originations submit grant requests, the grant committee suggests recipients and the Board discusses then votes to award the grants.  Currently the grands are two time a year in October and in June.  October Grants were in the amount of $8000 given to 6 projects.  Dave Irwin gave us an over views of these projects.  THIS IS YOUR MONEY.  The money is generated by two means one is your Big Wheel money that goes to the Foundation and your contributions to the endowment fund through what we call the Circle of Giving.

The Rotary Foundation: The Rotary Foundation is the Foundation of Rotary International.  Monies given to RI go into the Foundation are used to fund Polio Plus, and many other international projects.  When you fill out your Contribution form that will come from our club you can designate money you would like to give to The Rotary Foundation.  You can give in general or specify if you want the money to go to Polio Plus.  All money you give to RI counts toward a Paul Harris.  The Paul Harris is the Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing it’s appreciation for a substantial contribution to it’s humanitarian and educational programs.  A Paul Harris is given for each $1000 given to RI Foundation.  This contribution can also be made on a quarterly basis through your checking the Contribution form in the Paul Harris section with the amount you would like to give.  It is our club’s goal that every member have a Paul Harris.

Historical street name in SB-Voluntario.  Once known as “Cerrito de los Voluntarios”, Hill of the Volunteers. The street lead to a hill between East Beach and Por la Mar. In 1818 Hippolyte de Bouchard sailed to Santa Barbara with the intent to sack the town as he had done in Monterey and at the Ortega Rancho at Refugio.  Bouchard was a Frenchman.  He was called a pirate, however, he was really a privateer, a mercenary hired by Argentine government to attack any town or ship that was under Spanish control.  Argentina was at war for their independence from Spain. Bouchards two ships were La Argentine and Santa Rosa anchored on December 18.  The Presido Comandante Jose de la Guerra was hopelessly out-numbered and outgunned.  Bouchuard had 350 men and 62 ship’s cannon.  De la Guerra received a note that the town would be spared if three prisoners who de la Guerra held from the Ortega Rancho raid were returned to Bouchard, and Bouchard would return prisoners he had taken at Monterey.  De la Guerra wanted to stall for time and told Bouchard he needed to get Governor Sola’s permission and that could take several days.  Bouchard would not accept this and threatened to attack immediately.  De la Guerra replied that his men were ready for battle, however, Bouchard did not know that de la Guerra had only 50 men. Negotiations went on for 2 days.  Bouchard watched the land from his ship through his telescope.  What he saw was a steady stream of reinforcements coming over the hill at East Beach.  The reality was that de la Guerra’s men and some volunteers marched up the back side of the hill along the hill and back down out of Bouchard’s view only to circle around and come over the hill again.  The rouse worked and Bouchard agreed to the prisoner exchange and sailed out of the harbor leaving Santa Barbara untouched by any shot being fired.  The “Hill of Volunteers” is now hidden by buildings and cut by Highway 101.  The “hill” can best be imagined by looking up from the East Beach Volleyball field.  (from: Street Names of SB by Neal Graffy).

SPEAKER:  Paul LeMert, Managing Director,  UVLrx Therapeutics., Ultra Violet Light Treatment of Blood.  Introduction by Jennifer LeMert.
The company is based here in SB.  Paul is a Robotics ad Information Systems engineer by training.  After working in manufacturing he now works in the healthcare field. His current primary role is helping physicians understand the utility and science behind the UVLrx system.  Paul began with some explanation of how light therapy has been used throughout the ages, beginning with things like the Greeks taking people up the mountain to get more light from the healing power of the sun.  The use of ultra violet therapies has been used since the 1940-50’s in hospitals to treat maladies, since as, bacterial infections, viral infections like polio, lupus, hepatitis and pneumonia.  The benefits of UV therapy has been well and continues to be studied.  The body reacts to pathogens by engaging the immune system.  This means that the whole body has a reaction to a pathogen. The Photo chromatic Intravenous Light Therapy provided in the UVLrx Therapeutics system treats blood as it circulates throughout the body.  The therapy has not yet been approved by the FDA, however, there are currently studies being done in Santa Barbara that will be used as the approval process proceeds.

Thank you to Michael Gardiner for the Foundation Information and to Paul for giving us new knowledge about the UV light therapy. The Friday Social Hour for June 3 is at Crocodile 5:30 PM Corner of State and Alamar


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